IR apšvietimo modulis Raspberry Pi kamerai


Galia 3W.
Turi šviesos jutiklį.



Product Introduction:
3W high power infrared lamp (self-equipped with adjustable resistor and photoresistor, and it
can achieve the 1W high power LED lamp operating or not according to the ambient light;
and users can rotate the adjustable resistor to adjust the ambient light and control 1W LED
lamp operating)
Note: due to the limit of Raspberry Pi power, it will function well in the range of 1-2m. If the
distance is too far, the effect will be not very good.
Operating Principle:
Lock the LED lamp board and camera PCB board via the screw lock (Raspberry Pi doesn’t
need software to control.) The operation way is when the brightness is dark, LED lamp will
automatically start operating; when the brightness is bright, the LED lamp will be automatically
off. The premise is adjusting the adjustable resistor. it defaults not adjusted
How to Use:
1.Connect the Infrared LED Board to the camera PCB by screws
2. The screw holes are used for both attachment and power supply
3. Adjust the adjustable resistor to set a proper ambient light threshold, which toggles the
infrared LED automatically
4. When ambient light is lower than threshold value, the infrared LED is on, vice versa
Notice: this infrared lamp is high power of 3W; when the Raspberry Pi connects 5V 2-2.5A
power, peripheral devices include mouse and keyboard; it connects camera and 2pcs 1W
infrared lamp, Raspberry Pi and camera can work normally. But after a long time of using, the
power chip of Raspberry Pi and 2pcs 1W infrared lamp will give out heat. So please pay
attention to the heatsink problem, and users also need to take additaional device power
consumption into consideration.